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MobiCheck Mobile Phone Device Check

Buy and sell used Mobile Phones and Smart phones with confidence
MobiCheck can tell you if a handset has been barred before you purchase it.

Live IMEI number lookup

If you buy mobile devices this tool is a low cost live lookup service that includes live data via networks, law enforcement and insurance company’s world wide.

This will protect you from accidentally buying stolen or suspect products and will fulfil your compliance requirements. This will also provide model information.

For trade users our companion mobicode portal offers additional services including bulk capability and centralised reporting. Please visit or call our UK support centre on 08445510130 for more information

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A Real-Time 'LIVE' look up against the GSMA's Global Device Blacklist Registry and other related datasets, enabling you to make 'INSTANT' purchasing decisions.


With data feeds from Law Enforcement, Insurance, Traders, High Recyclers and Operators from around the world


With prices as low as 10p/12c, you no longer have to worry about over-the-top / excessive charges, allowing you to check more devices more often